Price list

Family portrait – £150                                                                                                           Maternity portrait – £150                                                                                             Newborn session – £150                                                                                           Maternity session and Newborn session – £250                                                                                            

I am also interested in interiors, design and food photography.

Details of portrait photography sessions:

You receive professionally edited pictures on a CD within one – two weeks from the shoot.

Family portrait £150-£200 The photo shoot happens either in your home or at your local park, playground.. or combination of both. We try to create a relaxing atmosphere in a place the family likes spending time in. Within about 2hrs I capture the best moments of the family enjoying quality time together.

Maternity portrait £150 Each session is tailored to the woman’s specific needs, and comfort zone. Maternity portraits are personal, so we photograph you at home, in a relaxing atmosphere. I like to move around the house a bit to get your pictures different looks and backgrounds. Some women want to be completely covered, and some more bare, I will work to accommodate your wishes. Partners and children are more than welcome to join in the session. Session takes 1 – 2 hrs. Best time for the session is during the 8th month of your pregnancy or later (but not too close to the due date in case the baby decides to arrive earlier!)

Newborn session £150 A session before your baby is 8 weeks old. We create a very relaxing atmosphere working around your new baby’s needs. I take pictures of the baby awake and while the baby sleeps, we take breaks for feeding, nappy change, nap.

Maternity+newborn session £250 We have two sessions – first one to record your pregnancy (Maternity portrait – as above) and the second, in the first few weeks after your baby is born (Newborn session – as above).

Pet portrait £100 Is your pet very special to you? Do you want to have great pictures of him or her? Book me for a fun and relaxing session! I’ll photograph your pet in your home, come with you for a walk, to your favourite places and try to capture its special personality! I am a big dogs, cats and other pets lover, we all will enjoy the time spent together and you will receive some lovely images!